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Die Wirklichkeit ist eine Konstruktion
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If you are interested in exhibiting any of my films or photography, please get in touch.

It is possible to group some of the films and combine them with some of my photographs and my books. For a preview of my books, see Press | Info Bio in the meny to the left.

T H E M E  #1  -  W E   A R E   A L L   T R A V E L L E R S
Through space and time, from life to death - and beyond. Everything is movement, transitions, rhythm, patterns. So much in life consists of repetition, variations on a theme, mixed by life itself; it's all very subtle but now and then we become aware of it - Déjà vu!

Time Is Movement | Movement Is Change | Change Is Time

¤ Falling
¤ Imperceptibly Shifts Everyday Life its Face
¤ Travel Mindscape Triptych
¤ A selection of photographs

T H E M E  #2  -  W A T C H   O U T
A kind of war drama that takes place mostly within the viewers head. A few stills, sound effects and a soundscape along with some video effects and a couple of old portraits in b/w - and of course, blended with different memories from the viewers. And with a twist at the end of the film.

¤ Watchtower
¤ A selection of my photographs

T H E M E  #3  -  T I M E
My point is that there are two main kinds of nostalgia: a good one and a bad one. It is necessary to reflect over the past. As humans we are living in the past, in the present and in the future - all at the same time. But we can never go back. Then we will be 'lost in a lost world'. But bear in mind: time and memory is the same thing, so please: Remember Us.

¤ Embraced by Time - Remember Us
¤ Did You See That Bird?
¤ A selection of my photographs

T H E M E  #4  -  M A N   &    N A T U R E
This short film is compiled from two other short films; Urban People and Water, both of them filmed in the central areas of Stockholm. In this compilation I have made a framework with three blocks of text and two soundscapes. One of the main questions the film raises is: Is it possible to separate Nature from Man at this point in the history of evolution? Nature - from the dawn of Man, under the influence.

¤ Man ? Nature
¤ A selection of my photographs

T H E   T E C H N I C A L   R E Q U I R E M E N T S   F O R   T H E 

They are all filmed with a miniDV-camera, 720x576 (DVD-quality), 16:9, stereo, dolby digital, colour and b/w.

¤ Single screen (minimum 42" LCD or projector screen)
¤ 1 DVD player or 1 projector 
¤ Audio - loudspeakers or headphones

S H O R T  F I L M S   

Pickup | Tracks (pre-production)
Dialogue For Two Apparatus (late pre-production)
Time Bells (post-production)

Omärkligt skiftar vardagen ansikte (8 minutes)
(English title: Imperceptibly Shifts Everyday Life its Face)
Falling - a vertical journey (9 minutes)

Did You See That Bird? (10 minutes)
Nature Through Urban Life (6 minutes)
Travel Mindscape Triptych (14 minutes)

Stockholm | London Noise (3 minutes)
Watchtower (7 minutes)
Man ? Nature (compilation of Water and Urban People) (12 minutes)
Embraced by Time – Remember Us (8 minutes)

Urban People (3 minutes)                                                     
Water (6 minutes)
Urban Etude (3 minutes)
One Way Elevator (3 minutes)

Vogler’s Dream (1 minute)

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